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20th Dec, 2012

4 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page


With one of the largest userbases of any website, Facebook is one of the Kings of social media, and many businesses are working hard to create communities there.  Facebook provides a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to promote themselves and engage with potential and past customers. How can your business take full advantage of the potential of this platform?


Optimizing Your Facebook Page

A Facebook page might not be as customizable as your website, but there are still plenty of things that you can do to optimize it. We’ve scoured the web for things that you can do right now to optimize your Facebook page:

  1. Customize your URL – Facebook allows business pages to choose a custom URL after the page has received at least 25 “likes”. When you create your custom URL, make sure to use your business name, or if someone else is already using your business name, use it as well as a descriptive word or two about your business to help set your page apart.
  2. Add your contact information – If you have a brick-and-mortar business address, make sure to include this information on your page. Local searches will look for this information and you have a better chance of appearing in the results if you’ve included information about your location. Also include your website URL, email address, and phone number if you can. Even if you do not have a physical location for your business, make sure to include as much contact information as you can so that anyone who is interested in doing business can contact you easily.
  3. Carefully craft your status updates – When composing a status update, make sure that you are maximizing the potential of any text you include. Keep the text to 140 characters or less, and pay attention to which (if any) of your target keywords you are using.  Only use keywords if they make sense and flow naturally with the rest of your update, otherwise leave them for the next post you make.
  4. Choose your photos carefully – The photos the appear on your Facebook page can be another opportunity to engage visitors. Your profile picture and photo strip (the series of photos in a bar across the top of your page) can be set up so that they all coordinate. For some examples of this, check out this post. Notice how the photo strips used as examples in the post show images that go together well regardless of what order they are in. These are good examples of photos strips that have been optimized for greatest impact on page visitors.

And these are just a few of the many things you can do to make the most of your Facebook page! Your business page might be only one part of your social media or overall internet marketing strategy but it is still very important. Facebook users can search for your business specifically, businesses in your area, or simply businesses in your industry, and if you have properly optimized your page you have a much better chance of appearing in their search results.



Do you have a Facebook page for your business?

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