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Using Facebook Cover Photos to Inspire Action



Make every pixel count

All real estate on a website is valuable, and of course anything “above the fold” is even more important. Social media profile pages have always presented a space utilization problem because much of the space there is not under the profile operator’s control. Instead, the social network itself chooses what will go where, and the profile owner gets to choose things like their profile image / avatar and little else.

Now that has changed with Facebook’s relaxation of their regulations regarding timeline cover images. Previously users had been unable to use certain kinds of badges, include their contact information, or several other marketing messages and attention-grabbing tactics.


Just click and follow the prompts and you’ll have a Call to Action functionality on Facebook in no time!

How you can take advantage of these prime opportunities

Now is the time to make sure that your social header images are doing all that they can for your brand. How can you utilize these images to produce the best effects? We’ve outlined a few great ideas below.

  • Advertise trade shows – Use your Facebook and Twitter cover / profile header images to announce your participation in an upcoming trade show. This information will be most appealing to other brands that you are socially connected to, but can also be an indicator to individual consumers that your brand is active in your industry.
  • Announce promotions – If your brand has a time-sensitive event or promotion underway, your social header and profile images are a great way to get the word out without resorting to posting ads as status updates.
  • Promote corporate events – Many companies are dedicated to a charitable cause or two and often host events to benefit these causes. Other events such as promotions, retirements, and major company changes are also celebrated this way. Your social images can be used to tell people about your event and encourage them to attend.
  • Generate interest – Take a picture or create an image that depicts a product or service you offer being used to solve an every-day problem that the average consumer might experience.
  • Broadcast calls to action – Do you want your customers to download something, sign up for your email list, or share your social page with their friends? Your header / profile images are an excellent way to accomplish this goal because they are some the first things a customer sees when visiting your social profile page.

Regardless of the intent or goal of your image, make sure that it is not only informative but also visually exciting. Limit the amount of text you put on the image, providing only the most vital information. If nothing else leave a shortened URL in the image to let people know where they can go to find more information on your website, or in the case of Facebook direct users to a specialized tab on your profile page.

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How do you make the most out of your social profile images / timeline covers / etc?

Tell us about one way that you have used this image to bring in more traffic, convert more consumers, or generate more leads / interest in your brand.





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